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A couple too tree
: How many times have you been on the Coal Mine Tour?

: The place where you get da grocery order. (ACME R.I.P.)

Alla Youz:
How you address several people at once

Arthur Idas:
What retired atha leets take Excedrin for.

Atha Leets: Lots of good ones play for Penn State.
Axe: Ask
the past tense version of Axe (see above)
That ting dey put Gibbons and Steg in. (A Baa-ul is a barrel, steg is beer)

Ba-troom: a place to relieve yourself
Means “because.”

Beer garden:
The place where you go to pick up a six-pack of Steg.

Bot tings:
What you did with your money at dee Eynon.

light bulb

Those little white round things on the front of your shirt.

Burgalry: A garbled form of burgarly.
When you enter a building without permission and maybe take something.

Chalk-lots: chocolates, what ja buy at Gerty Hocks when yur up da mall, wockin and tockin.

Clozeda light:
Will you please turn the lamp off?

Corpse house:
Where else in the world do they call funeral parlors corpse houses?

a place where wadder run truit and ya can go fishen
Da boad of em: The both of them.
Da moll:
The Viewmont Mall up on the highway. They’re always having big sales.

Da rena: First Union Arena, Wilkes Barre PA (also called the "FU Arena")
Da Steamtown:
The other mall over town.

Da You:
The U. (The University of Scranton)

Dahn tahn DOpahnt:
Downtown Dupont, PA

Dee Eynon:
Sugerman’s Department Store. (R.I.P.)

The dog
Downtown: Over town.
Er wha:
or what?

Febwery or Febuery:
The second month of the year

In some cultures, this is what you say when you bring your empty beer glasses to the bar. Here “fil’em” is the thing you put in your camera.

Haf a cuppa caffee: half a cup of coffee
Haitch Beeyo:
HBO, the cable TV all night movie station, I tink.

Excuse me, but did I just sound as silly as I think I did? (It really means “ain’t it?”)

Tastes great with soss on it.

Hose house:
The place where dey keep da fire trucks. Sometimes called a fire barn, and usually found between a corpse house and a beer garden.
The basketball team in Lanna, Georgia
I totso:
I thought so, too.

Do you want to?

Jeet jet?:
Gee, I was wondering if you had anything for dinner?

People named John typically don't have last names. They're only referred to by profession as John DaBanker, John DaCarpenter, John DaRoofer (or DaLeaker), or John DaPlumber. A guy named Frank who ordered a cup of coffee in the diner everyday became known as John Caffee.
Carbondale, PA
Kupple-too-tree: The number of missing buh-uns you might have.

Your uncle’s children.

Lannick City: That place on the Jersey Shore where all of the bingo buses are going these days.
Lie-berry: Where lotsa books are kept

Lonn more: It cuts the grass.
Melk: A drink that goes good with cookies.
Nangano: Nagano, Japan, where dey had dem `lympics
Nanny Coke: Across the river from West Nanny Coke.

Nooyourkas: people who vacation in the area (from anywhere outside the area) for the summer, generally found in the Moscow-Gouldsboro area of Lackawanna County
Offah: He knocked da glass offah the table.
Onnakowna: Because (“I got a flat tire onnakowna someone dropped nails on da road.”)
Otto: A car.
Over town: Downtown.
Pank: as in if you sit in the snow when you get up it's all panked down.
Paupack: Lake Wallanpaupack
Pellow: Where you put your head when you sleep onnakowna you’re tired.

Pie-ano: the music instrument with 88 keys
Pitza frita: fried dough
Plimmit: A muted reference to Plymouth, Pennsylvania.
Punkin: Goes well with thanksgiving dinner
Radarater: the thing heat comes out of

Roof in the leak: a common saying when water comes down from the roof
Recon-eyes: Seeing that something or someone is familiar.
Rude aidy: The road that takes you to Penn State.
Sangwitch: What cha eat when you go up dee Eynon.
Sowside Scrah-uhn: Southside Scranton, PA
Swoyerville: Swoyersville. Don't ask why. No one knows.
Tarupe: Throop, Pennsylvania.

Termistat: thermistat
Tinkin: when you put your brain in gear.

Tock: What you do on the phone.
Tot: What Mr. Jones tried to do in school
Tree: The next numba afta one, two
Tray of pizza: tray of pizza

Tumb: (noun) Your thumb; (verb) to hitchhike, example = I tumbed in onnakowna my hog got stolen.
Turdy-ate: Used to be WOLF-TV, Channel 38.
Now it's WSWB 38.
Twahny yearce ahgo: 20 Years Ago
Up Da Line: Up Scrah-un way.
Up da mall, and down da mall: Viewmont and Steamtown respectively
Up da mount'n: Montage (Sno) Mountain Ski Resort, where concerts are held

Wadder: Comes out the fosset.
Wah?: What?!
Warsh: Did you remember to warsh behind your ears? -or- I warshed my shirt.
Winda: as in "closeda winda, da ya live in a barn?"
Wock: What you take the dog for at night.

Yuge: Really big.
Zenit: That brand of TV that you watch the Penn State atha leets on.

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Lackawanna Trail Super Domain District Dictionary Information SD LTSD LTHS LTEC LT Factoryville, Nicholson, Dalton, not Official LTSD.ORG